The World is a Knot

IImagine for a moment Jesus on the cross, an injustice. It looks like Jesus needs help. He needs someone to take him down from the cross, to bind him up. But what about the Roman soldiers? What about the bystanders? Fight them? Kill them? What about their families, their children, their children's children, and all future generations.

The world isn't simple. Solving the world's problems, and solving our own problems isn't as simple as tidying a room, putting the lego in the right boxes, making the bed. The world is a knot. Not a nice, neat, ordered know, but a headphones in your pocket, wires in your bag sort of knot. Everything loops through everything else. It's a knot through time too; our actions affect our children, and our grandchildren. Every sin mixes it up a little further.

You can't unpick a knot by yanking on it, by swinging it about, by getting angry with it. We solve a knot by understanding it, and then, applying exactly the right forces in exactly the right places, in the right order.

Like Jesus on the cross. He looked like he needed help, but actually, it was us who needed help, and he was providing it. Exactly the right action at exactly the right time creates a Church, which inspires the generations. We can't comprehend even a little bit of the puzzle.

So if you're called to do something, don't say "I'll do it tomorrow." It might be the right force but in the wrong place.