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Don't be a disgraceful father Jan 15 2016

Noah got so drunk he passed out in their tent. He lay naked and drunk where his children could find him.

Noah's behaviour was disgraceful, but it was his grandson Canaan who bore the curse for it, and all of Israel: Noah's descendents, who paid the price.

Sin is generational. If you behave disgracefully you are cursing your children, and your children's children, whether you mean to or not. If you sin in secret, you are lying to your family. Secrets and lies divide us, they split families, they are a curse on your children.

You do not belong to yourself.

As a father, you no longer belong to yourself, if you ever did. You are no longer an island. The way you act in public and secret affects you, it affects your children, it affects your relationship with God. Have no secrets.

Being a leader means being a servant to all.